2019 Season Wrap-up 2020 start!

                        2019 season wrap up 2020 start!

    We are again happy to have make it through 2019.  What a year it was.  We started out late from the very beginning.  It rained until the middle of April.  We did get some lettuce out, but no peppers.  As time went on it was rain and more rain for the spring.  We didn’t get peppers out until the second week of June, a full 1 ½ months late. 

     With all the rain it also kept the temperatures cold and not good growing degree days, which is what makes the plant grow.  In the end we lost about 30 more days to the cold cloudy weather.  The early lettuce came off great, as it likes the cold weather.  We fought weeds with all the rain in the lettuce and not able to cultivate it.

      Then the last week in June it decided to shut off the valve for water and turn up the heat.  So, we go from extremely wet to bone dry.  In my dad’s and I 100 years of farming experience we have seen it before.  Extremes follow extremes.  After such a wet cold spring we now went into summer with dry and hot.  This impacted our transplants as it if very hard to keep water to them when it is so hot and dry.  We were not blessed with good stands from the first of July on.  We had drip irrigation which allowed us to keep plants going but not as much as we needed to keep that dry land wet.

      We ended up with great yields in September through October, but we lost some production in the July through the 1st of September.

      Then at the end we encountered a very early snow and hard freeze on the cabbage and lettuce.  It is very hard to get cabbage and lettuce off quick as it is all hand harvested.

      To say the least, it was an OK year.  Dad and I have learned you just have to sustain in the crazy years and wait your turn for the next great season.  We are happy to report that a couple of things that we have been trying to achieve we have now achieved.  This is the first year that we will go into it with drip tape on 70% of our land.  We also now have all but about 5% of the land with beds made.  The bed if very important on our land as we tend to get wet and plants have a hard time with our heavy soil.  Last year going into the winter we didn’t have any made as we had a wet fall.  The drip tape will allow us to rest much easier when the weather turns dry, as before we were trying to catch up and that is hard to do.

     So, we go into 2020 with much hope and excitement for the new year!!!

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