2018 Season Wrap-up

2018 Season wrap-up

     We are happy to have made it through 2018!  What a year it was!  We started out with great weather in late winter that allowed us to get some early spring planting done.  We then went in the spring with some warm and cold times.  Then the summer started out really dry. We were on track with our plantings of peppers in June when the worst thing that could happen did.      

     On the 18th of June Keith was in a farming accident, which at first we thought that it was some bruised ribs and some fluid in his body cavity.  Two weeks later we were in the ER again and this time the news was not good.  The left lung had again collapsed and had lot of blood and fluid in the chest.  It would require surgery to go in and remove the blood and fluid that had hardened in the last two weeks.  On July 20th Keith went in for what was thought to be a 2 hour surgery, ended up being 6 hours.  He came out of the surgery with 30 staples on his left shoulder area, he also had two tubes coming out of the body cavity to help drain out the fluids that were there.  He was in the ICU for 13 days before he was finally moved to the regular beds.  Two days later he was released from the hospital on Aug. 3.  He had spent most of what was a very promising summer in the hospital.    

     The good news Keith is now fully recovered from the fall on the tractor that left 2 severely broken ribs and fluids in his body.  We can never tell when we can have a farm accident, while Keith has always practiced safety all the time, there are times that can't be prevented.  How much worst it could have been, but thank the lord it was not.    

     When Keith returned we were able to save some of the summer, but most had been lost.  We want to thank family and friends that help and prayed for us in that troublesome time.  We never know when things may go bad we just have to get through them and thank the lord when we do! 

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